Andy Warhol, silkscreen with diamond dust on canvas, 1981

With his iconic style, Andy Warhol was crowned pop art pope. The artist turned the art world upside down, in technique and image. The traditional painting technique was not for him, since 1961 he used his famous screen printing frames and became world famous. The genius elevated popular consumer goods to art and numerous celebrities were also part of his cultural zeitgeist. The eccentric hung out with high society, reached superstars and thus became the portraying superstar of the 20th century.

Italian fashion designer ‘Giorgio Armani’ was immortalized by Andy Warhol. Warhol first used his polaroid and then transferred the photo through a silkscreen with acrylic paint onto his canvas. The purple colour of the artwork symbolizes luxury, exclusivity and offers the glamor content of the fashion pope. Appropriately, his portrait was covered with a glittering layer of ‘diamond dust’. Armani is also known as an art patron who often connected art with the fashion world. This work enhances the iconic status of the couturier and also proves Warhol’s intuitive talent.


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