David Hockney, acrylic on canvas, 1988

This traditionalist has been called the prodigy of British pop art. He settled in California in 1964, where he created his work from his attention to the broad landscape perspectives of the Chinese scrolls and the influence that photography made on him. He wrote the book ‘Secret Knowledge’, an analyse of primitive art versus the camera obscura. Besides his paintings of swimming pools, portraits, landscapes and interiors, Hockney also made photo collages in which his camera played an important role.

‘Montcalm interior’ is an interior painting of his home that he bought in Los Angeles in 1979. This house inspired him to make the most iconic paintings from the late 80s. Hockney paints the hard cold colours of a stylized realism with American allure. Not only was it an ironic contrast to English provincialism, the work also shows how he saw his studio through the camera lens, see the rounded corners.


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