Franky D.C, oil and acrylic on canvas and x-rays, 1990

The Belgian artist Franky D.C edits pre-existing images. In this way he deprives the meaning of the original presentation with his interaction, questions the copyright character and creates a new presentation. Initially he painted on flags, often the Belgian tricolour, with theatrical cartoonish motifs. Subsequently he paints on X-rays and old figurative paintings, he covers the past behind contemporary abstract patterns, pure of colour. In this way he playfully deals with the abundance of art and laconically paints his rival or ally.

In ‘Instinct Double Point’ Franky D.C assembles X-rays and decayed paintings. He puzzles the remnants of a past into the supports of his new beginning. He pushes the boundaries of mysticism to a new aesthetic. In a completely personal way he builds a poetic synthesis by linking similarities and opposites. Intuitively he creates the appropriate dialogue between the present and the past.


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