homo-arteArt collector and expert Adrian David, passionate about modern art from an early age, has built up a top collection of modern art, from 1880 to the present day, in a highly individual and critical way. In doing so, he focuses on both the West and the East: École de Paris, American School and the Chinese School.

101 modern artworks selected by Adrian David in a very personal format, with quotes about art and confidences from a passionate art collector. With works by Keith Haring, Marcel Broodthaers, David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg, Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, the Gao Brothers, Vanessa Beecroft, Francis Picabia, Pablo Picasso, Du Wang, Joan Miró, Jesus R. Soto, Anish Kapoor, René Magritte, Sol LeWitt, Jackson Pollock, James Ensor, Salvador Dalí, Joseph Beuys and others.