Makoto Nakamura & Shigeo Fukuda, collage, 1971

The Japanese artists Makoto Nakamura and Shigeo Fukuda developed a ‘Games of visual art’ from the advertising world. They led a visual language of contradictions where objects and images engage in an optical battle. In the margins of art they manipulate the grid of photography and their work testify to graphic design.

The ‘Mona Lisa’s Hundred Smiles’, a hundredfold smile, is a monumental collage, made in the 1970s. This was done without the sophisticated computer techniques of today. Based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, Nakamura and Fukuda created 100 unique smile variations. In the later pop art period, 1971, their Mona Lisa’s Smiles were already exhibited in the Pavillon de Marsan of the Louvre in Paris.


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