Pablo Picasso, oil on canvas, 1960

As one of the world’s greatest artists, Picasso was at the cradle of many innovations in art. This founder of Cubism brought us his many themes that expressed his personal state of mind. Influenced by his own world, Picasso manifested an oeuvre in various materials: drawings, engravings, ceramics, sculptures, assemblages oil paints…

Father Picasso taught little Pablo to draw a pigeon. In 1949 his dove became the symbol for the Paris Peace Congress – the ‘Dove of peace’. The day before, his daughter was born with the name Paloma, Spanish for pigeon/dove. At his studio in Cannes, Pablo had a pigeon house on the balcony.
‘Pigeon lissant ses plumes’, dating from 1960, is one of the earliest canvases on which Picasso depicts his favourite bird. The pigeon preens his feathers and Picasso attests his abiding love for this winged animal.


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