SHIT SHOCK ART  – Art criticism  for connoisseurs

Today’s art market appears to be interested only in a world of likes-robots. The artistic values have ceased to be relevant. The art lover has stopped ‘looking’, but is feathering his nest by ear, ‘eyes wide shut’! In this world, where the art trade is eclipsing the art world, it is lottery numbers that determine the fate of art. The art trade plays around! For anyone looking to truly collect some art, there has never been such a dire need of a due understanding of what art is all about. Populism is spreading the words ‘art’ and ‘artist’ in an unfavourable light like a virus. It is creating a stifling new reality and undermining researchers. Art = Capital, Jozef Beuys wrote, but was he not talking about ‘Art’ then? Fabulous prices haggled over between low and high estimates are certain to astound a fair few collectors in times to come. The fact of the matter is you do not simply build an art collection on a platform without historical foundations. Shit Shock Art takes you on a journey of discovery of the intrinsic values specific to the concept of ‘art’.

‘Isn’t it better to be driven mad by art, than to die of the dumbing down of it?’

ADRIAN DAVID is an internationally renowned art collector, who contributed to numerous prestigious exhibitions. His incisive analysis teaches you how to understand and love modern and contemporary art.

This book has been published in four languages :

ISBN DUTCH - 978-94-6161-493-3 - legal deposit: D/2018/0012/61
ISBN FRENCH - 978-94-6161-494-0 - legal deposit: D/2018/0012/62
ISBN ENGLISH - 978-94-6161-495-7 - legal deposit: D/2018/0012/63
ISBN GERMAN - 978-94-6161-496-4 - legal deposit: D/2018/0012/64