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Jean Tinguely, Lituanie, 1990
mixed media, 190H x 183 x 123 – original work

Jean Tinguely, l’Ours, 1990
mixed media, 138 x 128 x 128 – original work

Assuming that immobility does not exist, this sculptor is fascinated by machines. By mocking society and its many laws and kingdoms, he proves the pointlessness of such structures. In a lyrical manner, he both glorifies and scorns the established order. His work depicts an ecstatic moment of anarchy. The wooden construction, with its iron and rubber parts, moves in a Dadaist manner, accompanied by the concerting sounds of cracking material. Just as he did with his drawing art machine, JeanTinguely scoffs at the process of wear and the self-destruction of an industrialised era.


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