Move over the image for a close-up of both artworks

Nam June Paik (Korea, 1932 – 2006)

Two hats with wide eyed girl, 1988
mixed media op doek, 178 x 133 x 25 cm

Antares, 1990
mixed media, ca. 228 x 228 x 32 cm

Nam June Paik is a Korean composer and the ‘instigator’ of acoustic anarchy. He created sounds by placing glass elements between the strings of a piano, attaching a transistor radio, an alarm clock, a telephone or other objects to it. This pioneer of video art distorts video tapes to abstract images. He combines several monitors with objects projected on the screens. The piece Antares is Paik’s attempt at communicating using electronic media. The images are unstable and incessantly straining to the eyes.
Two Hats with Wide Eyed Girl is an original piece, an assemblage of video footage, in the form of mixed media.


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