Zhang Huan, ashpainting, 2007

Paintings, sculptures and installations from this Chinese dissident artist are well-known because of his also shocking performances. Mostly naked, just like a citizen without rights, Zhang Huan criticizes the social and political situations of China, both present and past. Themes like one-child policy, the influence of religion and communism are raised provocatively. This artist was soon internationally embraces to represent the humanitarian issues of his country with his work.

‘The skull’ is a monumental painting. It is humanitarian but also a mythical symbol. His ‘Ash Paintings’ are made with ash from incense from Buddhist temples. The ash is the remnant from rituals and symbolizes the hope, the desires, but also the suffering. It is the engagement of collective and individual spiritual experience. is the embodiment of the human species, its spirit, the death, but also the absolute equality of people among themselves – without distinction of ethnicity, gender, wealth…


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