Feng Zhengjie, oil on canvas, 2001

The work of the Chinese artist Feng Zhengjie is characterized by the bright use of colour. He found his inspiration in traditional colourful drawings that gained popularity throughout the imperial dynasties. His mostly female models are borrowed from the advertising world with eccentric features such as a lush head of hair and a glamorous appearance. Characteristic of Feng’s work are the diverging eyes that are seen as a representation of the superficiality of globalization and the consumer society. Although for the artist himself it is not necessarily an expression of criticism, but an understanding of the abundance of impulses and emotions it produces.

The ‘untitled’ artwork here is an exceptional work from his oeuvre because of the male model. The bright colours are softer and contrast with the bright red lips. The fashion content of the model seems especially unnatural and shows an expression of alienation within his possibly too rapidly evolving society.


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