David McDermott & Peter McGough, acrylic on canvas, 1990

The artist duo who emerged in the 1980s during the American Neo-pop culture in New York, behaved like mavericks. Their painting and photography showed the theme’s of homosexuality, fashion, advertising and pop culture, but their spirit was, as it were, in the 19th century – they were wearing old suits and lived without electricity.

David McDermott and Peter McGough refer in their work to the psychodynamic theories of Sigmund Freud, as well as to artists like Picabia and Magritte. They used techniques from the begin period of the photography and their painting is also characterized by numerous references to the period 1900. ‘Chart 3’ shows an anatomical cross section of the human brain with many boys’ first names, below the portrait there is also a statement from the person portrayed. Their work implies an artistic humorous allusion, as if here science could explain human desire.


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