Friedensrich Hundertwasser, watercolour mounted on canvas, 1959

This Austrian artist, known for his Viennese Hundertwasser village, was fascinated by parallel lines and spiral shapes. He detested monotonous architecture and called straight lines godless and immoral. With his onion-shaped expressions, Friedensreich Hundertwasser painted a radical thought and made his artistic world ironic and environmentally conscious.

‘Der furchtsame Berg – der traurige Berg’ is one of the oldest works, from 1959, shortly after his well-known ‘Mouldiness manifesto’ with the plea for ‘window right’. The artwork is related to his vision about underground architecture, in which he pleaded to let cows graze around the glass roof. With his visionary critical note, such special designs arose that he was nicknamed “building doctor” as an artist.


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