Joseph Beuys, drawing with wax, hair, a coin on paper, 1977

The German artist Joseph Beuys approached art in his own unique way. During WWII he is said to have crashed and rescued by Tatars who wrapped him in fat and felt, or so was his myth. These materials formed two important components in which he attributed a symbolic value to everything in his art on the basis of anthroposophy, mythology and religion. With his charismatic personality, the artist had a great influence on his students as a teacher and at the same time sought dialogue with the wider public. Beuys was an important artist within the Fluxus movement, where they sought the connection between art and society and liberated themselves from traditional thinking.

‘Gedankenfreiheit unabhängigkeit – Der kunstler hat die ältesten Rechte’ shows his philosophical approach to the concept of art. Freedom of thought and independence are the foundation of every artist’s existence.


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