Daniel Buren, acrylic on striped cloth, 1984

The Frenchman Daniel Buren became known worldwide for his concept of alternating white and coloured stripes. The most important thing for Buren is the making process, in which the stripes systematically have to be 8.7 cm wide, and the context in which the work is placed. The artist interferes with the aspect of the autonomy of a work of art and what one expects of it. Since the 1960s, he has applied this fixed pattern to all kinds of materials, it is often incorporated into an architectural whole, from painted walls to glassware. Throughout his career he expanded his concept, but always sticking to a systematic motif.

‘Les deux bandes extrêmes blanches’ is a monumental example of his basic concept. Buren used an existing awning cloth with this motif, his intervention consisted solely of colouring the outer stripes white. With this he wanted to limit the artistic intervention as much as possible.


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