Sylvie Fleury, rollers and hairpins, 1997

The oeuvre of the Swiss Sylvie Fleury, closely involved with the living environment of her spectators, reflects the aesthetic and sentimental characteristics of the consumer society. By using various media, the artist subtly illustrates her criticism on the transience of hypes and luxury goods. With a witty look at superficial beauty, she offers a response to the value of their existence. As a paragon of feminism, Fleury also denounces gender inequality by subverting stereotypical male and female symbols.

The work ‘Scratch’ rearranges curlers and hairpins into an art object. Fleury thus takes away the function of characterizing the women’s hairstyle and elevates the hair rollers in a new context. This hairpin work is hereby revised within a neo-pop culture as an artistic response to flaunting ideals of beauty.


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