John DOE 2016 – Lotnumber 404 – golden Fuckyourselfart on canvas – 180 x 150 cm

The Manifesto

« Fuck Yourself Art «
A million-man-army of art practitioners is guilty of an unlimited artisanal enjoyment and art critics are silenced. Over the past decades, we appreciate many things exclusively on the basis of their financial value. High figures influence us and we may not give any chance to an epidemic dissemination that restricts the artistic evolution of our culture.
Auction houses are mushrooming and the continuity of genuine timeless art is stagnating. There is a need for more insight at the new beginning of the twenty-first century.
The internet plays on the global possibility of imposing on us a culture of bottomless foolishness. Millions of Internet users see high numbers and the attention for high figures alone leads to a barbaric culture. The critic falls into an unnatural silence.

In an avant-garde way, ‘Fuck Yourself Art’ offers a critique of our reformed zeitgeist. Is contemporary art only a coupling between a smart market and the brainwashed masses? Is the love of art still progressing, or does this nihilism indicate the end of our art history?

The artist, the dealer, the art critic, the auctioneer and the art lover … they are all at risk, under pressure from a blind ride!

‘Fuck Yourself Art’ anticipates on the statement of the buyer of the twenty-first century and reflects the new reality.

Founder JOHN DOE