Yves Klein, gouache en pigment, 1956

At the end of the 1950s, the Frenchman Yves Klein introduced his iconic ‘International Klein Blue’, with which he painted plains and shapes in a monochrome way. For his ‘Anthropometries’ he coated naked women with his ultramarine blue and rolled the models over his canvas. The elements of nature were also a source of inspiration for his ‘Cosmogonies’ and ‘Tableau de feu’. Everything in his work is about power, feeling and experience. A statement that became completely clear with ‘Le Vide’, an empty exhibition hall in 1958 where the experience of being there embodied the feeling for art.

Yves Klein’s mother, Marie Raymond, was not only an artist, but also a muse and a support for his career. They shared their interest in the Rosicrucianism, a spiritual movement that gave rise to a secret brotherhood.
‘Vive la mi maman!!!’ is an image of a colourful flower, made out of love for his mother.


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