Zoya Cherkassky, acrylic on canvas, 2006

Ukrainian artist Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi immigrated to Israel in 1991, shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union. Her work, mainly based on her own experience, is seen as a social commitment. With some stereotyping, she paints a reflection of her youth under the strict Soviet regime and the hard life as an immigrant. Humorous and provocative, she offers her view on cultural, religious and political conflicts. Some scenes are also set in recognizable public spaces, where the viewer is confronted with subtle absurdism or explicit violence.

With ‘Minimalism’ the art world is not spared from her critical vision. The peace and quiet that normally prevails in a museum is disrupted in a terrorist way. With a portion of cynicism, Cherkassky disproves the museum as a sacred temple.


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