Julian Schnabel, acrylic on tarpaulin, 1990

The American artist Julian Schnabel is partly responsible for a revival of painting in the late 1970s. Like other neo-expressionists, he strived for emotional exuberance, a reaction to reasoned minimalism. Unconventional materials such as broken crockery, velvet and others added a sculptural aspect to his work. His free hand and mind blurred, also with words, the distinction between abstraction and figuration.

Schnabel painted ‘Le Clochard a encore Soif’ on a ‘gingham’ printed tarpaulin from the French Tati textile chain. It is not intellectual in form, nor in word. Its support, from the poor stores and consisting of 2 Tati cloths sewn together, shows the chaotic life of a thirsty homeless person. His footsteps ended in a tarpaulin-wrapped individual.


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